Photo by Aaro Keipi (www.aarography.com)



An Artisan’s Journey

(TULI) builds basses in a new way, driven by the same passion that created past traditions. Our main medium of craftsmanship is the beautiful, highly tonal, arctic birch which is native to Finland.

Exceptional pieces of flamed birch are thermo treated to enhance tonal quality. The wood is heated well past the point of burning for 72 hours in a chamber where the oxygen has been removed. The result is a beautiful caramel colored wood with a density has been affected at the cellular level, similar to a 100-year-old piece of maple. Every newly milled blank rings when tapped, with the brightness of rosewood.

We pair our woodcraft with extremely high-precision metalworking. Many of the components fitted to our basses are crafted from grade 2 titanium, which sets a new standard for the market.

 (TULI) Basses has the honor of collaborating with exception electrical engineering talent. Onboard preamp systems in the basses are removable and feature numerous options that go beyond the typical bass electronics package.

Our goal is to provide an instrument that consistently exceeds expectations. We believe that an instrument should bring out the best in a bass player by expanding what is technically possible, with innovations in technology and musical potential advancing simultaneously. The result is a combination of components and build quality that we believe will set a new standard for premium bass guitars.